Back to Basics

Often when we go to lectures, the day after we want to change the world, but one month later, or six months later there is nothing. Because it’s about emotion. But spirituality is about education, it’s a process, it’s a way of liberation…The very meaning of tawhid is to liberate the self. Have to be committed to educating yourself.

We need to come back to basics: our daily relationship with the Quran, with the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him), with praying, with fasting,with these simple things. Don’t wake up for tahujjud for a week and then disappear. Step by step progress is the way. Faith and taqwa come from education.

So many people are between Facebook and the Internet. But you need to read books, you need knowledge, you need to be equipped. You have to give meaning to your life. Our goals are justice, dignity, freedom, equality. These are not minority values.

-Tariq Ramadan, Dec 25th 2009, Reviving the Islamic Spirit.


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