The Legal Obligation of Excellence

 All of us have a legal obligation to strive to be the best at what we do, so whether teachers, or parents or lawyers or engineers, strive to be the best. Allah loves when we do things perfectly.

Our striving to do more hours of work to make more money and buy this and buy that, isn’t haraam in and of itself but it musn’t be done at the expense of what is demanded of us. Because what is demanded is to worship God and fulfill his rights. And our provision in the world has been guaranteed for us. So we don’t sit here and wait, we knock at the door and do our best. But if you don’t have time for Qur’an etc, then your inner sight is diminished. It is critical to make worshipping Allah part of the pattern of your daily life.

~Dr Umar, Dec 28th 2010/1432, Knowledge Retreat


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