The Sunnah is Sophisticated Technology

Found this lovely little gem in my draft folder today! It’s from the Knowledge Retreat two years ago here in Toronto.

In the dunya we’re always acquiring more things to compete and worry over, and rivalry in increase distracts you. Allah gave you time, you used it to get more stuff.  The Sunnah is sophisticated technology; it’s a suit of armour. Its purpose is singleminded, to conform you to a model of perfection. Its not about arbitrary tests, or hurdles. Allah only institutes laws b/c alternative takes us away from fullness of humanity.  Allah doesn’t need our admiration and worship, prayer is there to help integrate yourself body, mind and spirit to Adamic reality. We need wudu to be alerted and woken up, otherwise we bring into prayer whatever we were doing before. Wudu allows us to change directions. It is brilliant psychology that helps the heart to be in prostration when the body is too.

~Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad, Knowledge Retreat 2009/2010 Class 16, Session 3 of Ajaib al Quloob (Marvels of the heart)


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