Learning History from Dr Umar (Notes from Qurba’s Witnesses over Mankind Course)

Every Qurba Academy course is beautiful. The small classes, the incredible teachers, the opportunity to ask lots of questions, the familiar faces; everything about Qurba creates a beautiful learning experience that leaves you waiting eagerly for the next course. And in proper Qurba tradition,this past weekend  Dr Umar Faruq Abd-Allah taught a breathtaking one-day seminar on Islamic history. I was only able to come in the afternoon, but what I experienced was beautiful.  We travelled all over the world through different time periods, and heard stories about Islam in places like Switzerland, West Africa, and Spain and Portuga. We also learnt about lthe seapower of Muslims, and indigenous cultures in North America among many other topics. Dr Umar is an amazing teacher, and his memory, ability to explain complex subjects with ease, and patience with our unfamiliarity of the subject matter was inspiring. It was a wake-up call to the richness of Islamic civilization, the importance of reading and learning more about history, and the necessity of having constant learning goals.

Below is a small (!) selection of my notes from that day. I’ve left out the actual stories Dr Umar was telling us because his lessons were amazing, and posting little sections of notes is an injustice to the class. But I am interested in continuing the learning process, and for those who are game, it would be neat to have a reading/learning circle of some of the books and topics that Dr Umar mentioned during the course.
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