If Understand Death, Will Value Life

Third characteristic of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is his attitude towards others. Today we think about the hereafter, and detach from the world to extent where people literally manifest a kind of depression. But death is the greatest motivator for living. If understand death, will value life. Sometimes you ask people how they are doing, and they will say oh alhamidullah, in a way to indicate things are so tough, and the alhamidullah is just the polish at the end. The Prophet (peace be upon him) understood the reality of death, but he was very positive towards people. Attitude is extremely important. We all know the hadith of a smile being a form of charity. The difficulties that come upon us are opportunities as well.


The fourth characteristic of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is that he responded to the good of others with good, or even better. If someone does good for you, not about expectations and it’s not about saying “thanks bro”, it’s about reciprocating. Fifth characteristic of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is that he would respond to the wrong of others with nothing but good. It doesn’t mean being gullible, it means responding with good for person and for context. Look at the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) life from start of mission, from Taif, and how he responds, and how it ends when entering Makkah, it ends with mercy. Literally. Prophet went to battle and stood firm against those who said lies, but entirely in all of those actions, all good.


Power is that when you have power to do whatever you want, that you would show mercy and forgive people. Have to understand that whatever ni’ma (blessing) Allah gives us in the world, not ours per se, all to be utilized in service of Allah. Our uprightness and orientation and all that manifests from us is good. For the believer all things are good, if only could experience it and see it and observe it.

~Imam Afroz Ali, Seekers Hub class “The Prophet Described: Living the Greatness of the Prophet of God” on Dec 19th 2011


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