The definition of shyness (haya)

If it were not for God’s beautiful veiling, if it were not for God covering you beautifully, no deed you do would be worthy of acceptance.~Hikam 131 of Ibn Ata’illah.

Dr Umar’ commentary:

There is a huge spiritual truth in this Hikam. We don’t let anything we do go to our heads. We cannot make a claim to God based on the good that we do. When have we ever done anything really?

Haya (shyness) is the earnest desire to do what is right. For example, we are ashamed not to do what is right by our parents. Haya is the shame of failure to fulfill obligations. Haya is the light of the heart.

Muslims when covered, feel beautiful. Beauty is not in the physical body, in covering of the body. Marriage is important because it’s so difficult. When know someone intimately, you see their humanness. Marital relationship is one of uncovering in different senses. You are living together, therefore have to be very merciful. Marriage is a sign of God. You will not know someone more intimately than you know your spouse, except a mother and child. In that relationship humanness and human defects are revealed. Which is why spouses are garments for one another. They cover one another, they forgive one another.

In our lives, it is foolish to remove covering, and to hear and see things shouldn’t hear and see. The next Hikam, Hikam 133 is about keeping away from things that will pollute your heart. Eye, ear, food all are channels to pollute your heart. That means we shouldn’t have arrogance when we see other people, should have an attitude of “there but for the grace of God go I.” Don’t look down at homeless people, if you saw the things that broke them, maybe you’d be in same state.

~Dr Umar, Dec 15th 2011, Post mawlid class at the SeekersHub


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