Have a Job to Take Care of Ourselves

We have to look at how we spend free time in those times between salaat. We have to be vigilant in those moments. So yes you prayed Dhuhr, but between Dhuhr and Asr, what did you do? Between that time of prayers, you instant messaged, went on Facebook, watched tv, gossiped, and spent three hours.  It bears saying:  we must get our cultural act together and develop activities to fill activities between prayers. Otherwise that time is filled by those with cultural authority. Not saying you have to be Mr Muslim and Ms Muslim, but need to understand what we have to do.   We think we’ve prayed, what’s wrong with instant messenger? What’s wrong with going to mall to hang out? To watch tv? Nothing in and of itself about activities that is haraam, but between dhuhr and asr, you’re still on the job!

If you understand what job is , you can be in slightly better position every year. But we go twenty years without growing an inch because we haven’t been on the job between salaat. We don’t realize we’re still on the job. So at the drop of hat, we’re still angry, still stingy. We have a job to take care of ourselves. (..). On an everyday basis  no such thing as standing still. Because if standing still and doing nothing to combat self, you may make it from salaat to salaat but can stay the same. So you always have to be on the job.

No one tried to overtake this religion except that this religion overtook them. We see people trying to be Mr Muslim and it lasts a limited time period. You will avoid that by being honest with your self and knowing the problems of your self. If I deal with my problems, then I won’t be overwhelmed. Deal with your problems honestly, courageously and consistently. It doesn’t stop and neither can we. We have all these traits to deal with, do we have time to waste? Constantly have to be on the job.

Dr Sherman Jackson, Knowledge Retreat 2009/2010 Day 4, Class 17,  Taj al’ Arus by Ibn Ata’illah 


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