Finding the Company of Pure Hearts

One of the countless gifts that iman gives to us is the capacity to know what sort of company we’re keeping. One of the most important things in religion is to be in the right company. People will be resurrected amongst those whom they loved. So if you loved actors and actresses and popstars, they will be your company at the Resurrection. And if you really loved philosophers, they’ll you’ll be hanging out with philosophers at the resurrection. And if you really loved ulama  and the shuhada and the anbiya, then they will insha’Allah be your company on the Yawm al-Qiyāmah. This is a hadith. Man will be resurrected amongst those whom he loved.

And how do we gravitate towards the circles of those people whose company is good for us? By activating this gift in the heart. This capacity to see who is well intentioned, who is pure, who is sincere, who is humble. And to avoid those people who are always talking about themselves, raising themselves, showing off, looking in the mirror, constantly checking themselves out to see how other creatures might be looking at them,  that is where the darkness is. And we always have those looks. Because in lives we go through thousands of other souls like little stars that we can barely detect that move past us as we travel through time and space. Other souls out there, each of which is some mystery of..We breathed into him something of Our Spirit. The world is darkness but there are these star-like constellations coming together, separating, and we need to acquire the ability to detect those ones that are pure and shining with Allah’s light so that we can keep their company.

So we ask Allah to always give us the company of good people, people of pure hearts so that we may be resurrected with the company of the sadiqeen in the next world.

~Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad, Seeing by Allah’s Light.
JazakAllah khayr for being sent this khutbah! A really really beautiful lesson.


One thought on “Finding the Company of Pure Hearts

  1. thanks for this beautiful reninder jazakAllah! One day l hope to be in Sheikh Abdul Hakim’s company İSA and benefit from the baraka.

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