We Have Lots of Free Time

When you live in the present moment, you get barakah. You get blessing. And blessing has a timelessness quality to it. If Allah gives you barakah in your time, can do in your time amazing things that other people cannot do. And may Allah bless us with that. So you see someone like Imam Nawawi who teaches how many classes a day? I think 14 at least. And he’s also worshipping. He is also serving the community. He is doing all of these things. But it’s like for him time stands still because of where he is.

When you’re in the present moment, you’re in the moment of God. And then time is filled with blessing. When we turn away from God and we live in the world of our illusions, then time is not very blessed. Then it’s like you never have enough time. And a lot of us actually especially if we compare ourselves to our mothers and fathers and earlier generations, we have lots of free time. We’ve said that we don’t. We’re so busy.  But what about your mother and father? They didn’t work from eight to five. A lot of them worked from sun-up until deep into the night.  And yet they still had time.


We talk about doing things by God, and doing things for God and when you work by God then you get in the present moment. And then you get great blessings. And then you rely on Allah and insha’Allah He gives you success in what you do. When you rely on yourself and say I can do this, I have all these abilities and I’m so smart, then the barakah is maybe not there. You may succeed but in the end it may not produce the fruit that you want.

~Dr. Umar Abd-Allah On Spiritual Guidance: Commentary on Ibn Ata’illah’s Hikam – 03 Dec 2011, Seekers Hub


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