In Everything, Uphold Good Character (Session 10 of Purifying Our Hearts at U of T)

In our penultimate session of the Purification of the heart class with Shaykh Faraz, it was beautiful to hear both the gems of wisdom he had to share, but also to observe practically what good character looks like. We were unable to get power in the room so the slides couldn’t be projected, the class couldn’t be live streamed in its entirety, and we didn’t have a proper desk for Shaykh Faraz. With each challenge, Shaykh Faraz simply said “no problem” and adapted to what was going on with a smile. It was beautiful, and one of the most memorable things I’ll take away away from these sessions. Here are a few gems from the tenth session of the course.

  •  Social relations are a key to turning to Allah.
  • Qiyam Layl is any worship you do after nightfall. After maghrib is the time you do night worship. A recommended prayer is Salat Awwabin, which is 6-20 rakats after maghrib. Useful to know because in the summer, it can be difficult to do worship after Isha.
  • If hear of a virtue, should try and do it at least once, so that can be counted of the people who did that thing. And insha’Allah Allah will facilitate that habit for you.
  • Nafl is an open door.
  • Qiyam Layl is to stand in worship. Doesn’t have to be prayer, but often is prayer though because prayer is the best of outward worship.
  • A lot of people find it easier to learn then to engage in worship. Have to be careful because knowledge can give you a sense of elevation.
  • Don’t be excessive, even in the acquisition of the virtues. Essence of Islam is balance. Remain directed straight.
  • Give everyone who has a right their due right. Adab is to do the right thing at the right time in the right way with right spiritual intention.
  • Rights of parents summarized in Surah Isra, verses  23-24. Right of parents is ihsan (excellence) in words, actions, attitude, and in our responses. Should speak with gracious words, respectfully, with generosity.
  • There are certain signs of our care for parents. One sign is to make dua for them after the five obligatory prayer. This is a way to express thankfulness.
  • Choose to keep company of virtuous and to keep company in a good way. For the company that you choose, choose beneficial company.
  • Relate to people through excellence of character. Uphold good character. Be willing to overlook people’s faults. Fulfill people’s rights with excellence and don’t be that demanding of your own.

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