Meeting Seekers in Singapore

Salaam friends!  I’m in Singapore right now, and you’ll never guess what i discovered on my first day in the city! I was walking along Arab Street and Haji Lane, and I stumbled upon this irresistible bookshop..

Wardah Books

I went inside, and was astonished by the wide range of books, the beautiful design of the store,  the incredible selection, and the atmosphere of love within it. I started talking to the owner of the store, a masha’Allah very kind and knowledgable man named Ibrahim, and it turns out we had common friends in Toronto, and he knew my hosts in Singapore. We kept talking, I found a book that I liked, and then I was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful cards at the counter. Masha’Allah the fragrance of the Hub has  travelled far! I also met the hosts of Sidi Nader’s Malaysia and Singapore tour, and an architect, who I had a lovely conversation about urban planning. Insha’Allah looking forward to meeting more beautiful souls soon. Please do keep me in your duas.
The Seekers Hub


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