Repetition is a Means For Knowledge To Become a Part of Us

We will never attain what we want to attain without going on. When you think you’re exhausted and tired and given everything you have and gone as far as you can go, and yet keep going, then at that point Allah gives us openings.  We need to study the Prophet’s (peace and blessings be upon him) words every day. Repetition is a means for it (knowledge) to become a part of us. Anything that is said, we should think about how it applies to us and not how it applies to other people. Student of knowledge is not a student until when she/he hears a hadith or a piece of knowledge a thousand times, their heart is the same at the thousandth time as it was in the first hearing.

~Shaykh Yahya, July 24th 2008, Rihla.


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