This is the Month of the Victory of Mercy (Gems from Shaykh Ramzy during July 30th 2011 Qurba Ramadan Course )

  • Santify the month. Important to enter the month with joy. One must not be heedless in revering the month in understanding its magnitude, in yearning to turn to Allah from all other things. One should be careful.
  • Woe onto the one who is not forgiven for in the month of Ramadan b/c the month of Ramadan is a month of mercy and pardoning.
  • We haven’t been left a thing except that he (peace and blessings be upon him) showed us the way to it, the way to perfect it. Whoever fasts the month with iman anticipating the blessing of Allah, with firm conviction, then his/her sins are forgiven, all of them. May Allah give us tawfiq to fast the month with this anticipation and tawfiq!
  • Your attitude is very important. Your opinion of Allah is very important, it is part and parcel of your wayfaring and suluk. Part of the tuning of your heart.
  • Waves are present, but without a receiver one won’t receive waves. Without turning on radio, won’t receive signal. Without fine tuning to station, then you won’t pick up anything except static. We all have hearts, they have to be turned on. Similarly must fast in anticipation, waiting for it and yearning for it and connecting with month of Ramadan. Allah is looking onto your hearts. This is the point of the fast, secret of fast. We want to connect to goal and meaning, We don’t want to be those who fast and do not receive anything from it except hunger and thirst.
  • To fast is to refrain from things that break the fast. Obeying Allah is the primary motivation of the fast. Not for servant to ask the Lord why, but still, every act of worship has a hikma(wisdom).
  • The fast has been prescribed for you.
  • Taqwa: to fulfill the commandments and refrain from the prohibitions. To fulfill the shariah is meaning of taqwa
  • We all struggle with fulfilling commandments. fasting is a shield.
  • Obstacles: passions and desires (Shahwa).
  • You are body and spirit. One nature that is heavenly, one nature that is animal. More we pay attention to body, more spirit becomes weak. if we are just people of jasad (sleeping eating, having children) this makes obedience to Allah very difficult.
  • Obstacles: dunya. nafs, shaytan.
  • Best example is the Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him), who gave everything its rights. combined rights of body and spirit so beautifully that the one who follows him will attain salvation insha’Allah.
  • Meaning of shield: protects you from what harms you from shahawat.
  • Shield: shields you from sin and  from being enslaved to our passions and our bodies.
  • Whoever does not leave his actions, Allah has no need from him to leave his food and drink. If you are not aiming for this goal in speech and action, then no point of fast.
  • Madhab of Sayyiduna Aisha that giba (backbiting) broke the fast
  • If want to see if you are mukhlis (sincere), good to see how you are with the fast. If you are as you should then glad tidings, because this is only for Allah..

There are degrees of fasting. Let us raise our fasting so that this Ramadan stands apart.

1) Refrain from desires of stomach and private parts from dawn to dusk with a neglect of the actions of limbs and actions of heart. this person has nothing from fast except hunger and thirst. Have to refrain from actions that don’t reflect our purpose. Our purpose is to worship Allah.

  •  Things may be permitted but not elevating us and not praiseworthy

2) Refrain from every act that gets in the way of our spiritual realization  Ie- Don’t get involved with things that don’t concern you. Over actions and speech you are vigilant. (From the goodness of a person’s Islam is to leave things that do not concern you)

  • In Ramadan should extra cautious: not looking at things shouldn’t be looking at, surfing net. If you’re not going to muster up your spiritual energies and yearnings in this month, then what month? Every second, every moment important!

3) Watching thoughts, internalization of the fast. To be present with Allah.  In your heart of hearts, absent from anything other than Allah.

  • We should be aiming for 2nd stage. Refrain from reading things, talking on the phone, surfing net. Enliven nights, don’t miss meaning/point of it all! This is the month of the victory of mercy. The month of victory of the spirit over body. Victory for those who are merciful as well.

Qurba: drawing near.

  • What condition are you in inwardly in your heart of hearts? Don’t stop at outward. The outward is meaningless without secret of sincerity of yearning, of sacrifice, of love. If void of meaning and not motivated from good place within us, its like giving a gift to King who isn’t in need of you, and you bringing a dead gift. Come with yearning and sincerity. Duas. Come with alive heart. You call upon Him and He answers. If you are fasting and you ask, that is reason for dua to be answered. Don’t let the month pass by without making the most of it.
  • Great opportunity sisters, to manifest mercy to your children. Invigorate yourself and your minds. When serving guests, children, family,  all great mercy. Sisters have a great potential to draw nearer in this quality of mercy.
  • The Merciful shows mercy to the merciful.
  • If unable to go to mosque, pray in middle of night
  • When menstruating: do dhikr, give of wealth, do salawat.

Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was more intensely active, and intensely beautiful at this month. Show the world the mercy of the Prophet. Don’t let a night go by that you get up not with niyyah of food but niyyah of calling on Lord.


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