Thankfulness is The Secret of Increase

I was in Toronto a couple of weeks ago for a visit, and had the blessing of being able to visit the SeekersHub for the Friday night Surah Yasin class and Family Potluck. It had been at least several months since I had last been to the Hub, and in the interim, the Hub had only increased in light. It’s beautifully designed, there is dignified segregation with equal space for both genders, and it feels like a community space. I met family friends I hadn’t seen for a while, and was warmly welcomed by others who had never met me before. While there is good in both, the visit was a reminder that there is a world of difference between studying online, and changing your routine to get on a train and journey to a class. It was also a reminder that really, if you want to study in a way that takes into account your local context, and you value healthy communities, this is a project to support. Below, some of my notes from the evening.

  • Thankfulness is a sign of intelligence and the secret of increase.
  • Allah is the Fulfiller of all needs.  All neediness should be with Allah. If your reliance and seeking of assistance is with Allah,you’ve directed your needs in the right direction. Remember whose servant you are. If you know that, nothing whatsoever to worry about. Be mindful of Allah, and Allah will be Mindful of you. He will grant you assistance. If ask, ask Allah. If seek, seek Allah. Remember Hadith 19 of Imam Nawawi.
  • Don’t let anything in created universe shake you up. Know who to turn to. Things have a reality in the knowledge of Allah. In eternity.
  • Remember the verses of Surah Imran 190-194. The Prophet used to pray them at Tahujjud.
  • Have shyness before your Lord. Slavehood entails turning.
  • Just as plan worldly life,  plan your spiritual life too. Use walking time to listen to Quran, to recite and review what you’ve learnt. Don’t waste a moment.

~Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, November 16th 2012, SeekersHub, Final Surah Yasin Class.


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