Everything Allah Has Granted You Makes You Who You Are

 A dear friend of mine recently recommended Bayyinah TV’s flowing translation of the Qur’an and their other resources as a way to utilize my daily commute.  I heard a couple of their sample videos with Shaykh Nouman Ali Khan today –  both were very impressive, and I’m looking forward to insha’Allah using these resources. The Qur’an video in particular, was a powerful reminder to get to work. Notes below.

“Allah does not burden any individual more than his/her capacity”.

This is a very profound statement, mentioned four or five times in the Qur’an, and should be understood properly. Has many implications. The first of them, is that we all have different capacities. Our capacities are a product of our genes, our heredity, our physical ability, our intellectual ability, our language ability, our writing ability, our ability to understand and process, our skills. People have different capabilities and skills. All of us are at different levels. Each nafs has own capacity, each person has own potential… and Allah does not burden anyone except to the extent of their potential. One of the direct implications is: “tell them everyone should work in accordance with their own predisposition”. (in Surah Isra)

You’ve been given certain kinds of strengths, and you need to exhaust yourself serving Allah in those strengths.  So you and have to ask ourselves, what has Allah given me and how am I scoring? How am I ranking? How am I using my potential, and exhausting it? It’s a very deep statement. Every person is in a race against themselves now.

And you can’t tell me that “I can’t wake up for Fajr. It’s beyond my ability”. No it’s not. That’s the second implication. Allah does not burden anyone with more than they can handle. If Allah has burdened us with this Book, this Law, this responsibility, being the legacy of this Messenger, sallahu alayhi wasalaam, being representatives of this deen at whatever age we stand in, then Allah already Knew we were perfectly capable of carrying out that responsibility, otherwise He wouldn’t have Given it to us. The very fact we are Muslim is a testimony that Allah sees something in us, a capability in us, and He Gave us the responsibility to stand by Islam, stand by this deen, be representatives of His book. Because He wouldn’t have given it to us, if we were not capable. He would have raised us in an easier time.

Allah raised us in this time. And it’s not beyond our capacity. There is a reason we’ve been put in this time and put in this situation. There is a reason you have the education you have, the parents you have, the job you have, the opportunities you have, the life experiences you have, all of that comes together to make your abilities  It’s not just your genes. It’s not just one thing. Everything Allah has granted you makes you who you are. And whatever you are has to be put to work for Allah’s deen. And no one can argue that it is beyond my capacity. Silliest argument in the world.

Allah says, if we have been given a burden, it is because we can bear it, so we can never say this is too much. The one who says this too much, either they are saying the truth or Allah said the truth.

~Shaykh Nouman Ali Khan, Bayyinah TV Quran Cover to Cover 


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