Have Good Expectations of Allah

  • The first thing to note for a believer in distress, worldly distress,  your real consolation is in the Qur’an. You read the word of Allah sincerely, and you will find counsel in it, you will find advice in it, you will find comfort in it. You will find the struggles of those who suffered much more than you, and Allah helped them.
  • Look at the story of Yusuf, alayhis salaam. When we read the story, it’s just a story to us, but it really happened.
  • Because it’s in the unseen, the workings of Allah, the Plan of Allah, we feel Allah has abandoned us. That’s the feeling one gets when they are in distress  But it is at that moment when we are in distress that Allah really tests who are the people who believe, and who are the people who only  believe when times were good.
  • Whether someone is wealthy or in abject poverty, Allah loves both of those people and is testing both of them.
  • The absence or presence of wealth or health or youth or anything else, is not a gauge of success or failure for the Muslim. All of these are tests. The thing we can say definitely about them is that they are a test. To test whether we truly believe. When we get wealth do we misuse it? Do we overspend? Do we not care? And feel like “oh I can make a lot of money, i’m very qualified”. You’re not qualified at all. There are people who are much more qualified who can’t find a job. And if you run a successful business, there are people who are much more skilled than you at running a business who have failed. It’s not because of your skill. It’s not because of your resume. It’s not because of your degree.  It’s because Allah is Providing you. And when He wants He doesn’t provide. He could take an economic system, that you couldn’t fathom it crashing it the way that it did. How Allah changes the face of the world  around in the blink of an eye, letting us know that it’s not us that ensures our provision, that He is in charge. He is Dominant over our affairs.
  • Maybe Allah took some worldly things away from you so that you learn to rely more on Allah. What is a slave to do except to rely on Allah? We are the continuation of the legacy of Ibrahim, alayhis salaam. The essential teaching he has is that he relies only on Allah. He calls only on Allah. He doesn’t even say I feed myself, says He feeds me, He gives me to drink. He guides me. He Gives me Life. He’ll Give me death. He has complete, absolute reliance on Allah in most impossible situations.
  • Allah puts us through tests so we can show our reliance on Him, and then He opens doors you couldn’t imagine.
  • And we have to have good expectations from Allah. This is what makes the Muslim different from other people. We never expect bad from God.
  • Allah says in Hadith Qudsi  “I am as my slave assumes I am”
  • If you expect Allah to keep you healthy, you will stay healthy by Allah’s permission.  If you expect Allah to Provide You, He will provide you.
  • You have good hopes in Allah. Don’t have bad hopes in Allah because then Allah wil make your bad hopes come true too. Because that’s what you wanted, that’s what you asked for, that’s what you expected.
  • So we should have good expectations in Allah. The most that we ask Allah for is that we remain on guidance, and to remain patient with whatever He sends our way, and to have strength to bear through those tests. May Allah help us to pass all of our tests.

~Sh Nouman Ali Khan, On Tawakkul 


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