Fundamentals of Spiritual Travel

1) Suspecting the lower self
2) Gradually decreasing one’s indulgences
3) Gradually taxing the self with more acts of obedience
4) Repeatedly beseeching Allah, humbly confessing one’s faults and asking Allah through his perfection.
5) Magnifying Allah’s people

Taqwa is the Key

The essence of purification is Godfearingness (taqwa). Avoiding everything you fear some harm in your religion by. Life long process. Constant inward, one never says now that one is purified now. Taqwa’s foundation is scrupulousness (wara’). Scrupulousness is attained by guarding the limbs.

The Eye:
Important to protect because doors to the heart. Everything one sees and hears, either creates light or dark.

the Ear

the Tongue
Articulator of heart. Evil on tongue, indicates weakness in heart.

the Hand

the Foot

the stomach
Think about how much one eats. First from what Allah has prohibited then from offensive things. When reaching for extra ice cream, extra latte, why not send that money to humanitarian organizations. Excess permissible things that we can decrease. Think of Muslim brothers and sisters who are going without right now. Should be harder to reach for these things right now. This will be softening of heart, and purifying of heart.

Fear of poverty is the first of the disruptions to spiritual travel.

Allah (Most High) said: “And there is not a creature on earth, except that its sustenance is upon Allah.” {Quran 11:6}

“And in the Heavens is your rizq (sustenance) and what you have been promised. Then by the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth, it is indeed true, just as you are endowed with speech” {Quran 51:23}

Fear of poverty is doubting this guarantee from Allah. This doubt is because this community (Ummah) directed itself to other than that which it was ordered.

 Relying on Allah

Understanding what we were created for is a foundational remedy.

Allah (Most High) said, “And I have not created the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.” {Quran 51:56}

Why doesn’t a child who is properly cared for have any worry about its sustenance?

1)  It knows its parent is able to provide for it
2)  It is confident that its parent is loving and compassionate

 Types of Provision

1) Sustenance which preserves life.

Allah has guaranteed it:

Recall: Allah (Most High) said: “And there is not a creature on earth, except that its sustenance is upon Allah.” {Quran 11:6}

2) Apportioned Provision

It was written for one in the unseen.

3)   Acquired Sustenance is that which the self desires to earn.

This is an illusion prior to its attainment. This does not mean one should not seek a livelihood, rather it means one should rely on Allah not on one’s livelihood.

Spiritual Means of Provision:

Allah ordered us to seek provision through worship.  This is the true sustenance a believer should seek from Allah.

It is things such as:

  • The light of faith
  • Reliance on Allah
  • Abstinence (zuhd)
  • Fear of Allah
  • Sincerity
  • Beneficial knowledge
  • Service of the deen

Important means of provision:

  1. Seeking forgiveness
  2.  Maintaining bonds of kinship
  3. Kindness to parents
  4. Giving Charity

–       Curing miserliness is particularly important
–      Giving does not decrease one in wealth,  often increases

5. Having Taqwa
6. Reciting al-Waqi’ah
7. Praying the Duha prayer
8. Worshipping between Fajr and the sunrise prayer

~SunniPath Fundamentals of Spiritual Travel Lecture, October 6th 2008.


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