Ask Allah With Certitude in the Answer

Online on Facebook this morning, I saw that SeekersGuidance had opened up the final live session for their marriage course to general attendees. I wasn’t able to attend the whole class, but below are notes from the part of the lesson I was able to hear. Also, the new SeekersGuidance semester with courses on a variety of topics begins soon! Don’t miss out the chance to study from wherever you are, with qualified, reliable teachers.

  • (Some)Quranic supplications for getting married:
  • People will come with 48 points that they are looking for in a spouse. One example: Your husband must like reading! Not really. Discuss books with someone else. You are reading, he might be doing something else. Not such a big deal. Just have essential characteristics as your criteria.
  • Have a good opinion of Allah. Your Lord has said, call upon Allah with certitude in His Answer. How and when the answer comes is up to Allah. It may be that the dua is answered now, it may be that Allah wards off harm from you, it may be that the answer is given in the akhira, but He always answers.
  • To find a spouse: Most effective means to is go to people who are connected, who have influence and experience. That person might be relative, might be community leader, might be scholar, might be parents.
  • If want to study, need to choose someone who understand and is supportive of those long term goals
  • If someone wants something, they should ask a lot. Sunna to ask a lot, but in state of slavehood, not in a state of demanding Allah.

~Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Dec 16th 2012.


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