Islam is a Religion that Demands Personal Rectification and Social Responsibility

  • Story about a man in Mauritania who never said anything until he thought about how he would justify it to Allah on the Day of Judgement.
  • Islam is a religion that demands personal rectification and social responsibility.
  • Charity obliterates sin like water obliterates fire.
  • You can know all the rules, but if you don’t have a sound heart they don’t work. If you don’t have something inside of you that tells you something is wrong, will do what you want when opportunity arises.
  • Allah demands of us praise
  • Muhammad: the meaning is one who is intensely praised
  • Wellbeing has 10 parts: 9 parts is silence, 1 part avoiding people
  • The heart is Allah’s domain
  • Hadith about if you guard tongue and chastity, guarantee of paradise. Teeth are jailbars to keep words in
  • Islam is not just about rigid rules, about maqasid (objectives). Oherwise will be a puritanical madman.
  • Recommendation: UTNE Reader
  • Imam Ghazali said that the most dangerous thing is to ask “how is so and so?”
  • Jane Austen had characters who had nothing to say. Don’t be vacuous like Sir Walter Eliot. Though the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) never said anything that wasn’t significant, he did speak, he did ask people how they were.
  • Diseases of the heart can be obliterated with tawba (repentance).

~Notes from July 3rd Rihla 2012 Live Stream, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf class.


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