The Blessing of Work

  • Dawud (David) peace be upon him was a Prophet who was a labourer, a blacksmith who worked with his hands. He earned a honest living.
  •  Often we feel there is a clash between earning an honest living and serving the deen. Need to stop presenting this idea that working is bad. If someone is honest and hardworking and able to turn their skills into a halal income, that is praiseworthy. A businessman who is honest and hardworking will be raised with the righteous. Whoever gives a full refund to a customer Allah will build a palace in paradise.

  • Umar al-Khattab, the ten years of his life he spent with the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, he used to work one full day from daybreak 10-12 hrs day, and then study the next day. So in each week, he was working three to four days.
  • Needs to be more balance between deen and dunya. Providing bread on the table is part of your deen.
  • There is a syndrome, called the “I’m so religious I’m a loser” syndrome. Young men are more susceptible to this in their religious fervor. So you  meet people who are career students. They are eight years in but no degree. It’s the “I’m so dedicated to the deen that I can’t support a family” phenomenon. But look at Dawud  peace be upon him, he is a Prophet, more pious than any of us, he receives divine scripture, and his hands are blackened with soot and his face is covered with smoke. It’s a really remarkable thing.
  • Dawud (David) peace be upon him is the epitome of gratitude.
  • Will we learn to be people of gratitude or will we complain because we have a job that puts a roof over our heads? That provides halal income?
  • Allah does not tell us stories, He is telling us this to teach us. We need balance in our lives.

– June 27th 2013 Bayyinah Quran Intensive, Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda


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