The title of this blog comes from Imam Zarnuji’s Instruction of the Student, a incredible book packed with tremendous wisdom. The epigraph of the book is by al Mutanabbi and reads: He who seeks pearls immerses himself in the sea.

The epigraph is part of a longer poem that can be found within the book.
It reads:

Through much toil do you gain high distinction.

So he who seeks learning keeps awake during the night.

You strive after glory, but then you sleep at night?

He who seeks pearls immerses himself in the sea.

The height of (the builder’s) blocks depends on the height

of his aspirations; a man’s dignity rests on his nightly vigils.

Whoever desires elevation without fatigue

wastes his life in the quest for the absurd.

I have forsaken sleep at night to win Your satisfaction, O Lord of


So let me attain the acquisition of knowledge

and let me reach the utmost degree of accomplishment.

From time to time when Allah gives me the tawfiq to do so, I try and share gems from classes new and old. (I’m hoping this can be an accessible space though insha’Allah, so if I’m using terms and lingo you’re not familiar with, please do let me know!)

I’m also a social planner interested in stories, faith and cities, and blog about those topics here:


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  1. Since you are seeking and have the zeal to dive down in the deep sea to find the pearls, The pearls are in your quran ,read, afeef lamm meem and be certain that this is the way knowledge is send down from the divine realm into the human realm , providing sincerty, keenness and devotion with the four necessities,namely silence ,seclusion sleeplessness and less food.

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